Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

Implant Tedavisi

Dental implant treatment offers a range of advantages and is considered an effective option for replacing missing teeth.

Here are some advantages of implant treatments:

  1. Similarity to Natural Teeth: Implants are designed to mimic natural tooth roots. Therefore, when prosthetic teeth or crowns are placed on implants, they closely resemble natural teeth aesthetically. The smile and facial expression appear natural.

  2. Excellent Function: Implants provide full functionality when replacing missing teeth. Chewing, speaking, and swallowing functions can be performed normally.

  3. Preservation of Jawbone: Tooth loss can lead to bone resorption over time. Implants help prevent or slow down bone resorption by integrating with the jawbone, providing a stable foundation.

  4. Longevity: With proper care and regular dental check-ups, implants can last for many years, even a lifetime.

  5. Preservation of Adjacent Teeth: Other dental treatment options may damage adjacent healthy teeth. Implants, however, can be placed without affecting neighboring teeth.

  6. Comfort: Implants are placed securely in the mouth and do not require removal or adjustment like other temporary dental prosthetics. This provides comfortable usage.

  7. Improved Speech: Tooth loss can lead to speech problems. Implants can improve speech by addressing such issues.

  8. Aesthetic Changes: Implant placement can positively alter a person’s smile and facial expression, boosting confidence.

  9. Expanded Food Options: Missing teeth may make it difficult to eat certain foods. Implants can expand the range of foods a person can comfortably consume.

  10. Customization: Implant treatment can be personalized according to individual needs and dental structure. A dentist can create an implant treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique situation.

Implant treatment offers an effective and long-term solution to dental problems caused by tooth loss. However, each individual’s situation is different, and the suitability of implant treatment should be assessed by a dentist or oral surgeon.

Ankara Dental Implant Prices 2023

However, implant treatment prices can vary depending on several factors. Implant treatment involves replacing missing teeth or placing artificial tooth roots (implants) into missing tooth spaces. Here are the factors affecting implant treatment prices in Ankara:

Number of Teeth: Implant treatment prices vary depending on how many implants are placed. While a single implant may be more affordable, placing multiple implants can incur a higher cost.

Type of Implant Used: The type and quality of implants can affect prices. High-quality, specially designed implants may be more expensive.

Technology Used: Some dental clinics use state-of-the-art implant surgery equipment, which can increase prices.

Additional Procedures: Additional procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lift may be required in conjunction with implant treatment. Such procedures can increase costs.

In general, the cost of a single dental implant in Ankara can range from 6,000 TL to 30,000 TL or more. For the most accurate price quote and treatment options, consider consulting with your dentist in Ankara.

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