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Fluor Application

Dental sealants, also known as tooth fissure sealants or pit and fissure sealants, are a type of dental treatment material applied into the cracks, grooves, and pits on the surface of milk teeth or permanent teeth.

Here are some advantages of these sealants:

  1. Decay Prevention: Fissure sealants help in smoothing out tooth surfaces, aiding better protection against decay. This ensures better preservation against decay. Particularly, fissure sealants on milk teeth provide an effective way to prevent tooth decay in children.

  2. Easy Application: Fissure sealants can be easily applied by a dentist. They do not require any special procedures and are usually completed within a short period. This offers a quick and painless treatment option for children or adults.

  3. Non-Invasive (Minimal Invasive): Fissure sealant application preserves the sound part of the tooth and is a minimal invasive procedure. It does not cause tissue loss by cutting or drilling into the tooth.

  4. Longevity: Fissure sealants typically last for years, aiding in the long-term preservation of teeth. However, it’s important to regularly visit the dentist and have the sealants checked.

  5. Pain-Free and Protection against Risks: When fissure sealants are applied, the rough surfaces on teeth are smoothed out, preventing the accumulation of food debris and bacteria. This makes it harder for decay to develop.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Fissure sealants may be a more cost-effective option compared to treating tooth decay. Treatment for tooth decay often involves a longer and more expensive process.

  7. Aesthetic: Fissure sealants can be made with materials that match the color of the tooth or are transparent, providing an aesthetic advantage. Especially when used on front teeth, they do not detract from the natural appearance of the teeth.

Fissure sealants are an effective method for preserving dental health and preventing the development of decay. Dentists recommend fissure sealant application for individuals at high risk of decay and for children. However, these sealants should be regularly monitored and reapplied if necessary.

Fluoride Application Price 2023

It is a dental care method used to strengthen the enamel layer of the teeth and prevent decay. The prices of such applications can vary depending on different factors. Here are some of these factors: Materials Used: The quality and type of fluoride gels used for fluoride applications affect the prices. Higher quality products may increase the cost.

Type of Treatment: Fluoride applications can be done in different ways for different age groups and needs. For example, fluoride applications in children are generally different and can affect the prices. Generally, treatment prices for fluoride applications in Ankara can range from 500 TL to 3000 TL. However, this is just an estimated price range and can vary based on treatment needs, materials used, and the chosen dentist.

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