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Gum Treatments

Gum treatment methods encompass various dental procedures aimed at improving the appearance and health of the gums and oral tissues. These treatment methods can correct the color, shape, texture irregularities of the gums, or address gum health issues for individuals.

Here are some gum treatment methods:

  1. Gum Esthetic Surgery (Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty): These procedures involve correcting or reshaping excessive or sparse gum tissue. Gingivectomy is used to remove excess gum tissue, while gingivoplasty helps in correcting the gum line. These methods can create a more aesthetic smile by adjusting the gum level.

  2. Gum Depigmentation: Bringing the gums to a healthy pink level can improve the color and appearance of the gums.

  3. Gum Grafting: Gum grafting involves transferring tissue or tissue-like material from one area of the gum to another to correct gum level irregularities or fill in sparse areas. This procedure is used to thicken gum tissue or correct sparse areas.

  4. Gum Tissue Repair: Lesions, wounds, or damages on gum tissue are repaired to improve gum health.

  5. Dental Implants and Implant-Supported Prostheses: Dental implants can replace missing teeth and correct gum tissue. Implant-supported prostheses can be used to replace missing teeth and improve the gum line.

  6. Gum Tissue Regeneration: Used to regenerate gum tissue damaged or receded due to gum diseases.

  7. Laser Therapy: Lasers can be used to reshape gum tissue and treat bacterial infections.

Pink aesthetic treatment methods may vary depending on individual needs and goals. The treatment plan is personalized by a dentist and is determined based on the individual’s oral structure, gum condition, and aesthetic preferences. Therefore, it is important to consult with a dentist to determine which pink aesthetic treatment method is most suitable.

Gum Aesthetic Surgery Botox Price 2023

Type of Treatment: Gum treatments can vary in type. Different procedures such as gingivectomy (gum surgery), gum grafts, and periodontal treatments may require different prices.

Complexity of Treatment: The complexity of the treatment is a significant factor that affects prices. For example, more labor and time may be required to correct severe gum problems.

Used Technology and Equipment: Some dental clinics use state-of-the-art equipment, which can increase prices.

Gum Botox Price

Gum treatments are important for improving gum health and ensuring that teeth have a stronger foundation. Treatment prices can range from approximately 1000 TL to 15000 TL, covering many treatments from tartar cleaning to gum surgeries. The treatment fee may vary depending on the patient’s needs and severity.

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