Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

We can classify the processes into two stages: measurement/design (Computer Aided Design) and material production (Computer Aided Manufacturing), which can be performed in digital environments. For example, instead of traditional measurements taken with materials like dough using a traditional spoon, measurements can be taken from a patient using an intraoral scanner, providing great comfort especially for patients with a gag reflex. The designed teeth or prosthetics can be displayed to the patient on a computer screen, allowing them to be shown an estimated outcome before starting the process.

The advantages provided by digital systems in dental treatments:

  • Chance to achieve more precise and uniform results
  • Longer-lasting restorations
  • Comfort in taking measurements for patients with a gag reflex
  • Shorter procedure duration
  • Opportunity for provision at the beginning of treatment
  • Reduced need for interim sessions and shorter sessions
  • No risk of distortion in transporting the measurements

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